Monica Reese, singer, actress, songwriter 

was born close to Munich. She played music, sang and danced since she was a child.  She went to Cuba several times.  For years she travelled to Southamerica, Marocco, Israel and to the Southpacific, to explore different cultures, music and languages. In Munich she performed at Tollwood Summer Festival, Ampere/Muffatwerk, Kulturzentren, Ratskeller Marienplatz ........with great musicians like Konstantin Kostov, Viktor Makhnovich, Sava Medan and Cesar Gamero. Acting and Music led her to Berlin in 2014. She started a new Jazzy and Latin Session project at Prenzlauerberg where the band "Moonlight Latin Jazz Berlin" was founded. Classical Jazz Standards as well as songs from Celia Cruz, Ibrahim Ferrer, Gloria Estefan, Tito Rodriguez and own german lyrics belong to her repertoire. Recently she hosted a two years session at a theater in Friedrichshain, next to working as an actress. 

piano: Yuriy Seredin
bass: Matthieu Baud

drums: Javier Reyes, Quentin Cholet
many guest musicians tba