Monica Reese, singer, actress, songwriter 

was born close to Munich. She played music, sang and danced since she was a child.  She went to Cuba several times.  For years she travelled to Southamerica, Marocco, Israel and to the Southpacific, to explore different cultures, music and languages. In Munich she performed at Tollwood Summer Festival, Ampere/Muffatwerk, Kulturzentren, Ratskeller Marienplatz ........with great musicians like Konstantin Kostov, Viktor Makhnovich, Sava Medan and Cesar Gamero. Acting and Music led her to Berlin in 2014. She started a new Jazzy and Latin Session project where the band "Moonlight Berlin" was founded. After performing a Tribute to Celia Cruz (B-Flat, Kunstfabrik Schlot ......) she started to write her own songs in 2017 combining her talent for writing and her extensive life experience. 





Thibault Falk
piano player, composer


was born close  to Lyon, France. He studied classical music and went to Berlin in 1997 where he joined the Hanns Eisler Highschool. In 2002 he won a Jazz and Blues Award. He toured and played in many cities like London, Paris, Lyon, Lissabon, Liverpool, Brussels, Antwerpen......Besides Jazz he has a great passion and experience for Cuban and Latin Music.






Marcel Krömker or Trigo Santana, bass player


Brazilian accoustic and electric bass player, arranger and teacher. He is a talented outstanding musician of his generation. For the last years he has been performing and recording in Brazil and abroad with some of the most important names of Brazilian music such as Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascool, Toninho Horta and with some of the leading groups and composers of the contemporary brazilian jazz scene.

Percussion: Enrico Perez (Cuba) or Amoy Ribas




Amoy Ribas, Percussionist,
Composer, Researcher

was born in Brazil. He used to live all over Brazil, in India and Europe. 
Playing a lot of percussion instruments (Congas, Pandeiro, Zabumba, Berimbau.....) he is alsways searching for new sounds. As one of the greatest percussion players in the world he played with famous musicians in Brazil and travelled and performed at Festival del Caribe Kuba, Festival La Paz in Bolivia, in Los Angeles with the Brazil Chero Ensemble, with the WDR orchestra Cologne...... He toured through Israel, Tunesia, Algeria, Dom.Republic, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Finland, Denmark.


special guests:


Bobby Rae
drummer, percussionist......


Bobby grew up in New York City. He has recorded seven jazz CD´s with Grammy-winning pianist Rachel Z and 14 albums with other music groups, as well as working as a session musician on hundreds of albums. For eight years, Bobbie was a principal member of the Rachel Z Trio. He splits his time between Los Angeles, New York and Berlin. He has performed in 40 contries, including Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, touring extensively across the globe and the United States. He has taught and performed in over 450 high school and college workshops.









Pedro Vera, Saxophone

Born in Pama de mallorca, Spain, he began his music studies at the age of 8 years at Conservatory of Barcelona. After finishing his classical studies he went for his Modern Music and Jazz degree and got a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has played around the world with musicians like Vinx De´Jon Parrette, Devora Davis, Natalie Dieah, Lionel Haas, Francisca Urio, Zulu 9.30, Maika Makovski, Johnny Branchizio, Mathew Simon and Jordi Bonell among many others.